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10 Interior Design Questions with: Edward Robinson

Having worked as Interior Designer on the hit TV show 'Cowboy Builders and Bodge Jobs' for Channel5, I had the pleasure of working with the fabulous Alison Cork of WITHINHOME.

Alison creates and sells stunning furniture and accessories at reasonable high street prices. Working with Alison on the show was a real treat, we had great chemistry together onscreen and I really valued Alison's opinion. We also both love a good shop and snooping out that special bargain.

Alison kindly interviewed me for her online blog about the types of interiors I like, whats on trend at the moment and she got a sneek peak into my home in Notting Hill, London.

Check the photo below for more info:

#AlisonCork #Cowboybuilders #channel5 #diy #interiordesign #shopping #design #television #style

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